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Candy - Mason Hoffenberg, Terry Southern Good Grief! Candy Christian is young, sweet, and beautiful. Candy is naive and she's selfless. All Candy wants is to give of herself. Which is good, because everybody--well, every man, at least--seems to need Candy. All except her daddy, that is. Candy, the novel, is the story of Candy, the girl's, path to enlightenment. Candy's journey begins with Professor Mephesto, the first of a series of deep and learned men at whose feet she will sit and whose wisdom she will absorb. Professor Mephesto not only teaches Candy that to give of oneself, fully, is the greatest privilege there is; he also gives her the opportunity to give of herself to him. Candy then extends her gift to the Mexican gardener. And to her uncle Jack--Good Grief, he's Daddy's identical twin! And when her journey of enlightenment takes her from Racine to New York's Boho streets, she finds a drooling, muttering hunchback also in need of her gift. Ultimately, Candy's journey takes her to Tibet, and there we discover that the whole book was the long and meandering set up for a disgusting, inevitable, and truly hilarious punchline. Oh, Good Grief...