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Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye - Lisa Gardner Kimbery Quincy is an FBI Special Agent. She's the daughter of a renowned, albeit retired, FBI Special Agent. And her husband, Mac, is a Special Agent with the GBI--Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Kimbery is five months pregnant and trying to figure out how she and Mac are going to continue to work the long, hard hours they already work while layering in the long, hard hours of caring for a baby. And now she's been brought into one of the more bizarre cases of her career: an apparent serial killer (apparent, because while there are over 10 girls missing, no missing persons reports have been filed and no bodies have turned up) with a spider fixation is preying on prostitutes. Come into my parlor indeed. The twisted fetishistic serial killer with an unspeakable past has become somewhat of a cliche in the last decade or so, but somehow it always satisfies. Lisa Gardner has developed her chops over the course of her 10 novels, and really knows how to milk the cliche for all it's worth, and that's saying something. She also knows how to pile on the suspense. Will Kimberly find the serial killer? Will she find the bodies? Will Mac support her in her quest, even as she puts their baby at risk? Will we learn who is narrating the italicized interludes? All these questions are answered, and all ends tied up in a most satisfying manner. Recommended. Say Goodbye is quick, it's scary, and it gets the job done.