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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death - Robert Dugoni Wrongful Death pits the jury master, David Sloane--now a plaintiff's lawyer in Seattle--against no less than the United States military. Sloane is hired by the widow of a National Guardsman killed in Iraq. Her claim that his death could have been prevented seems destined to fail, particularly in light of the Feres doctrine, which protects the military against wrongful death suits. Sloane grudgingly agrees to take a look at her case, but quickly comes to see that there's more to it than meets the eye. He uncovers lies and deceit of all sorts, up to the top levels. There's corruption in the government, there's corruption in big business...are Sloane and his team the only good guys left in the country? Well, not quite, but still... Dugoni writes a pretty deft thriller, twisty and turny, with a satisfying bang! at the end. If his writing is choppy and not particularly original, well, we've read worse. And since his publisher is working hard to set him up as the next book-a-year bestseller, he'll have plenty of opportunity to smooth out his rough edges. Recommended as a quick, juicy read.