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Undone (Outcast Season, Book 1)

Undone - Rachel Caine Outcast Season: Undone is the first in Rachel Caine's new spin-off from her popular, cultish Weather Warden series. Cassiel is--was, since she is cast out from their ranks on the first page of the book--Djinn. Old Djinn, the ones that were never human to begin with and so have no sympathy whatsoever for the human race. She's cast out because she says no to Ashan, leader of the Old Djinn since the cataclysmic events of one or two Weather Warden novels ago. Cassiel's (don't call her Cassie) punishment is not simply to be cast out, but to be rendered effectively human, tied to a body, one body, that eats and sleeps and poops. What a drag. She's immediately found, taken in, and found a Weather Warden protector by the delicious David, leader of the New Djinn. There's a brief appearance by Joanne Baldwin, as much to establish cred for the series as taking place in this particular world as anything else, then Cassiel's off on her own adventures. As always, the story is both funny and quite dark. Kudos to any good writer of urban fantasy, who can create a world with such ridiculous premises--Djinn? really?--and render it so compellingly, well, believable. At one point I found myself thinking, "I don't think Cassiel, the former Djinn, would change her attitude toward humanity so quickly," and then laughed aloud at myself for even phrasing the objection. Outcast Season: Undone ends on a cliffhanger, with Cassiel, her Weather Warden friend and cohort Luis Rocha, and the collective fates of humanity and Djinn-kind hanging in the balance. To be continued, we're told, in Outcast Season: Unknown. Yup, I'll snatch that one up as soon as it hits the shelves.