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Dead Over Heels

Dead Over Heels (Aurora Teagarden Mystery, #5) - Charlaine Harris Dead Over Heels opens with a bang. Or perhaps splat would be a more accurate description of the sound of a man's body falling from an airplane onto a lawn. The man, Lawrenceton police detective Jack Burns is thoroughly and grotesquely dead but really, why do things like this always happen to poor little Aurora Teagarden? The arrival of Detective Burns on her front lawn is just the first in a series of weird and often violent events that dog Roe's footsteps with increasing and disturbing frequency. But how, and why, would a ribbon turning up around mean cat Madeleine's neck, a library coworker's brutal beating, the arrival of a gorgeous flower arrangement from an anonymous admirer, and the stabbing of former boyfriend Arthur Smith be related to the gruesome death of Jack Burns? And what the hell do all of these things have to do with Roe? As always, Charlaine Harris produces a compulsively readable, beautifully detailed mystery, full of quirky characters and Southern charm.