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A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Book 2)

A Bone to Pick - Charlaine Harris A Bone to Pick is the second Aurora Teagarden mystery. Although Roe, her friends, and fellow Lawrenceton, Georgia denizens continue to grow as characters, her sleuthing abilities remain strictly passive in this installment. As the story begins Roe learns that she has been bequeathed the not insignificant estate of Jane Engle, a recently deceased member of the now-defunct Real Murders true crime club. In addition to inheriting Jane's bank account, Roe has also come into possession of a small house, a mean cat, and a skull in the window seat. Although Roe's curiosity about whose skull it is and why it's in Jane's window seat is boundless, her investigative skills, once again, sit firmly in the right-place-at-the-right-time arena. Once again, however, that's all right. The neighbors are quirky, in some cases to the point of near-insanity, establishing the series firmly, if mildly, as Southern Gothic.