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Heroic Measures: A Novel

Heroic Measures - Jill Ciment On the eve of the open house to sell the five floor walk up in the East Village in which they've lived for 45 years, elderly couple Alex and Ruth Cohen discover that their beloved, and equally elderly, dachshund Dorothy's back legs are paralyzed. As they begin the trip 50 blocks uptown to the emergency veterinary hospital they learn that the city is also paralyzed, by a possible terrorist threat: a truck driver has intentionally jack-knifed his tractor trailer full of gasoline in the Midtown Tunnel and is nowhere to be found. Alex and Ruth consider and reject bids, they bid on a new apartment themselves, they worry desperately about their baby, they remember their beginnings and the life they built together, they follow the breaking news, which stretches out over an entire weekend. In under 200 crystalline pages Jill Ciment gives us a lifetime.