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Cape Storm (Weather Warden, Book 8)

Cape Storm - Rachel Caine Now sort of kind of married, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin and the love of her life, chief Djinn David, are facing a whole new world of evil. Bad Bob, true to the nickname that had once been a badge of admiration from his fellow Weather Wardens, has activated the demon mark tattooed on Jo's back and set the end of the world in motion. So not only does Jo have to fight the weather, Bad Bob, and the army of renegade Weather Wardens and captive djinn he's put together, she has to fight the evil vying for her soul. Another capable installment in this popular series, the action in Cape Storm is almost nonstop and there are some true moments of doubt about the outcome. And, as has become her trademark, Caine ends with a teetering cliffhanger.