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Last Scene Alive (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, No. 7)

Last Scene Alive (Aurora Teagarden Mystery, #7) - Charlaine Harris Another solid installment in the always charming Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris. Last Scene Alive finds a movie crew coming to Lawrenceton to film a miniseries version of Whimsical Murders. Written by Robin Crusoe (yes, that's his name), Whimsical Murders is the true crime telling of the events that took place in Real Murders, the first book in the series. Robin, one-time almost flame of Aurora's, and still a long, tall, red-headed drink of water, is in town with the crew, and he's sniffing around Roe again. Also along for the shoot is Barrett, the grown son of Roe's husband Martin, an actor, a mooch, and even less a fan of Roe's than he was when his father was alive. On the first day of shooting Celia Shaw, the Emmy-winning actress playing Roe in the series, is found thrice murdered (drugged, strangled, and bopped on the head with her own Emmy) in her trailer, and the race is on. As always, small town life and the quirky, charming, and sometimes scary characters are far more important than the mystery at hand, and--once again--Roe is not so much sleuth as the sort-of-calm center around which all the weird shit seems to happen. Satisfying and adorable.