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Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs Hunting Ground is the second Alpha & Omega novel, a spinoff from Patricia Briggs' Mercedes Thompson series. Alpha & Omega follows Anna Latham, a rare Omega wolf, and her mate Charles, son of the Marrok and his enforcer as well. In the second book Charles has been tasked to lead a conference in Seattle, in which the American wolves will try to win over their reluctant European cousins to the idea of werewolves coming out to the general public. Because werewolves are so long-lived and because they tend to hold grudges for centuries, tension runs high when so many of them come together. Anna, still coming to terms with her status, as well as to the fact that she is now safely mated to life to Charles, has much to contend with: vampires, trolls, evil fae, werewolves who want to kill her and werewolves who want to possess her. She does a bang-up job of coping, defending herself and defending her mate. It can be said that heads literally roll once she gets going. Alpha & Omega is urban fantasy at its best: both action-packed and character-driven, with nice spins on legend and myth.