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Aunt Dimity: Detective

Aunt Dimity: Detective - Nancy Atherton Lori Shepard has returned to Finch after a visit to the States for the holidays. How surprised is she when, expecting the answer to her question, "What happened while I was away?" to be the usual, "Nothing much," she learns there's been a murder in Finch. The victim is a newcomer to town, Prunella "Pruneface" Hooper, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more meddlesome and vicious gossip. Who killed Pruneface? Nobody in town liked her, many even had a motive to kill her, and nearly everybody feels the town is better off without her. But Lori--even though the deceased took aim at her beloved Kit and hit him squarely in his reputation--can’t not know the truth. A few consultations with Aunt Dimity will point Lori in the right direction, and when she accepts the assistance of the vicar’s nephew Nicky Fox and his unexpectedly good interview skills, she’s off. Cozy and delightful.