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The Work at Home Sourcebook

The Work at Home Sourcebook - Lynie Arden The Work at Home Sourcebook is a self help book that lists work at home careers and opportunities, from home businesses to telecommuting to sales and outsourcing. The book is logically arranged by general type of work at home experience, with chapters such as "Opportunities in the Arts," "Opportunities in Computers," and "Opportunities in Sales." Although this book is packed with information, the sobering news is that--aside from franchises and other businesses that require an outlay of capital--unless one is already employed and working for an employer willing to allow a telecommute, or is already fully trained and certified as a medical or legal transcriber, most of the opportunities are of a sporadic, extremely low-paying nature. Each listing has complete information--how to make contact, whether by phone or website, if the opportunity is local or national; however, upon exploration, a half dozen or more contained incorrect information, or information that was no longer up to date.