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Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10)

Small Favor - Jim Butcher Harry Dresden owes Mab, the Winter Queen, two favors. She's here to collect one, but it's only a small favor that she needs and, as she assures him, baring "her delicately pointed canines. 'I am going to help you.'" "Yeah," as Harry notes, " This couldn't be good." And with little further ado they're off. The small favor requested of Wizard Dresden is that he find and rescue "Gentleman" Johnny Marcone, local hoodlum, dabbler in the supernatural, nemesis and sometime ally of Harry's, who's been kidnapped by the Order of the Blackened Denarians. Meanwhile, as if dealing with the baddest bad guys around isn't enough, the Summer Court is sending assassins right out of a fairy tale after Harry for some perceived hurt he did them at some point... It's complicated. And delicious. And really, really clever. The series gets darker and darker, yet loses none of its smart-ass snarkiness along the way. The usual suspects--apprentice Molly, Knights of the Cross Michael and Sanya, cop Karrin Murphy, et al--are along to help. The action is close to non-stop, and the ending is a doozy: several lives are irrevocably changed and you won't be able to wait to pick up the book eleven to find out what happens next.