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Serial - John Lutz It is abundantly clear from the outset that the murder that opens Serial, the latest Frank Quinn novel from John Lutz, is not going to be last we see. There will be more, many more, and they will become increasingly gruesome (and described in increasingly disturbing detail). New York Police Commissioner Harley Renz is no slouch, so before the blood has even dried he calls in Frank Quinn and his team, all retired NYPD. Quinn and crew specialize in catching serial killers and this one, quickly dubbed "The Skinner" for reasons easily guessed, gives them a run for their money. As Quinn concentrates on catching the killer, a parallel narrative, which begins in the early nineties, emerges. We will follow Beth Brannigan from her horrific rape in Missouri in 1991 up to the present day, watching in fascination and horror as the two storylines slowly begin to come together. Once again, Lutz has crafted a clever and fast-paced thriller, serving up a bit of psychological insight and a lot of down and dirty gross-out detail. The writing is serviceable but the plot top-notch. Due out in August, this will be another terrific beach read from John Lutz.